Microsoft In talks to purchase Tik-Tok [Deal alert]

Microsoft tiktok deal

Tiktok a video making app of Bytedance.Ltd needs no introduction all over the world. It’s being used in each and every corner of the earth for various entertainment, publicity and advertising activities. There are approximately 800million active users on Tiktok. Hence we can just understand its popularity. Being a Chinese app Tiktok is now in soup in most of the countries due to various security reasons. India has banned Tiktok along with another 58apps in Made in India mission to seek revenge on China.

Our Superior State, The United States Of America is now thinking to ban Chinese owned Tiktok seeking security problems as the reason. There’ve been discussions regarding this in the Whitehouse and President Donald Trump says he is going to ban Tiktok owned by Bytedance.Ltd. But this ban is not a simple thing because it may affect many people. There are procedures to be followed while banning such a famous application. Banning of Tiktok may lead to a tension between U.S and China Political and economical Operations.US being a superior power is against China due to its rival and hazardous acts. In regard of their National Security reasons Whitehouse is in the consideration to ban Tiktok accusing it may leak the information to Chinese government. But there are proposals that Bytedance to be deprived of its ownership and Microsoft would own its American Rights. There are two frontline bidders ready to buy Tiktok but Microsoft is being channelized as the best suitor.

Being found and established by Bill Gates& Paul Allen on 4th April,1975,the tech giant Microsoft Corporation, has its headquarters in Redmond,Washington.It is widely known for its Personal Computers, Consumer electronics,Softwares.It has a wide range of sales all over the world. It also licenses and sells all the hardware and soft wares required for the working of a computer. Microsoft Suite, Internet Explorer and Edge Web Browsers are its premier products.

Microsoft being the software giant in the entire world would easy get Tiktok handy by paying Bytedance the required amount. Tiktok is highly popular so that would be a better alternative for Google Parent Alphabet Inc & Face book  Inc., for online advertisements. It can also improve Tiktok’s advertising and video performances by its existing Xbox gaming consoles and cloud services. It’s a better idea to sell Tiktok rather than being banned in the country.

But there is no clarity about the acquisition of Tiktok by Microsoft Corp officially but there are talks going on states the media. Microsoft can easily grab Tiktok by paying the bucks quoted by Bytedance and make it American. Once it becomes the official owner of Tiktok it could employ efficient engineers and other staff that could make Tiktok a better platform for talent and commerce. Microsoft has made many corporate acquisitions to expand their tech empire.LinkedIn, Skype technologies are there biggest deals. So acquiring Tiktok would help them make huge profits as Tiktok is already popular and needs no publicity stunts.

Whatever may be the benefits for Tiktok and Microsoft, Micro-Tok may be a feast for the American users as their favourite application would become their own countries app and they can now use it safely with good security.


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