How Entrepreneurs Make Use of Technology to Boost Cashflow in Crisis


It’s an exciting time to own a business, a great time for entrepreneurs, but also a very challenging time in terms of business development and marketing.

Technological advances have enabled companies to become more efficient, produce products faster, seize more opportunities, increase customer loyalty and earn more money. In fact, there are five specific ways entrepreneurs can use technology to become more profitable. I think only other business owners have done that, but I’m pretty sure banking technology will be a big part of that. If it is able to do so, companies will be able to process orders much more efficiently.

Automated Accounting Software

Automating as many accounting functions as possible saves time and money and gives you better access to and control over your money. You can view and process payments to your accounts in real time, accelerating sales and shipping and improving cash flow.

Invoicing Software

This makes manual billing much easier for customers, which can be hours away from day-to-day operations, and is a better experience for both entrepreneurs and customers.

We have no plans to invest any capital in the software except a small amount of capital for a few more years of development.

Email Marketing

While social media and other online platforms certainly have their place, email remains the most effective means of generating, sustaining, and transforming leads. Small business owners nowadays do not have time to design, send, monitor or answer e-mails. Enter email marketing software that allows you to automate the entire process from start to finish. There are also many safe online alternatives, but no small business owner has time per day to design, send, monitor and answer emails.

CRM tools

Without having to invest hours in the process, you build relationships, increase customer loyalty, improve the customer experience, stay in touch with potential customers and increase customer loyalty. A customer relationship management system can give even the smallest company a much greater reach and allow it to have a much greater impact. CRM reduces costs, maximizes opportunities and increases customer satisfaction by improving the customer experience and staying in touch with potential customers.

The CRM informs you when you need to check in – check in or send an invoice, and you can automate this with a simple push of a button on your computer or mobile device, or even with an app.

Build Sales funnels

In the meantime, you will be able to devote more of your time and attention to things like boosting sales and growing your business.

You know exactly where your individual prospects are in the sales process and what you need to do to get them into the next phase. Sales funnel software can help you optimize your time by determining the highest possible probability and tracking every step of the process. In addition, you can fully automate your leads and do not have to waste valuable time in dead ends.

The five types of technology listed above can be used to help small businesses improve their operations and increase their profits. These technologies are revolutionising the way businesses operate, opening up many opportunities for small businesses and enabling them to compete on a much larger scale. You can drastically reduce your sales cycle and even increase your completion rate, ultimately improving your profitability.


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