[Funding Alert]: Delightree an Automation Workflow app raise $3M in seed round


Delightree founded and established in 2019 by Madhulika Mukherjee & Tushar Mishra is an automation app for business. The founders have their work experience in CEM Software Company Survaider which was earlier found by them. This helped the duo raise the start up to a higher altitude. In CEM they worked with almost 3000franchise stores through which they’ve gained a lot of experience which gave a spark to start Delightree.


Based in Delhi and San Fransisco, Delightree supports small businesses which are still working with pen paper operations to automate their businesses. They help the owners make over their old-fashioned businesses into brand new smart stores. They serve the small industries to fit within the needs of modern generation. 

In a seed round from Accel Partners, Brainstrom ventures, Emergent ventures, Axilor Ventures and Alchemist Accelerator, Delightree raised a fund of 3million dollars. Seed rounds are nothing but a series of investments rounds where a maximum of 15 investors fund a budding company. The amount range may be between 50,000 dollars to 2million dollars. This amount may be used for the development, establishment and other activities. This investment would help the company for all the initial activities and publicity.

There are a huge number of businesses which are still dependent on paper and pen operations. Delightree is a workflow automation app which helps the desk less workers to work with digital workflow tools. A big number of restaurants, hotels, retail stores and many other departmental stores are getting benefited by this start up. They offer the relevant solutions to all franchise businesses which are predominantly based on desk less operations. The co-founder of Delightree Mr.Tushal Mishra states that they are surprised to see a lot of businesses working still on Pen Paper Operations or old desktop based soft wares.

 Digitalising the Operating Procedures of Businesses:

Delightree fills the communication gap between the management and frontline workers base. This mobile application helps the franchise owners and store managers in having an effective performance, team work and accountability. They automate and digitalize the entire firm and empower it to meet the needs of modern customers.

This Workflow automation app also helps the employees to add their documents, files and certificates and they can also get trained through Delightree online. This helps them to reduce the risk of sending all their valuable documents to all the regional offices separately. It has an onboard database of all the employees working in it. This start up is targeting more than 750000franchise stores which already has link ups with Burger King, Subway, Halal guys and Pedros across US.

Turning on Amid Corona Virus:

In such a Pandemic like COVID-19, Delightree is a boon to many businesses. This is a much needed solution in this stress boosting pandemic. Most of the businesses are resuming but there are a lot of regulations to be followed both by the customers and managements. So Delightree has developed a mobile application called, Delightcomply which helps the customer to get all the required information by just scanning the QR of the product delivered. It also allows the Management to share all the WHO and CDC regulations with their team just in few seconds.

“We are planning to integrate with all other products a franchise business uses to deeply augment all cross-department workflows in the organisation” states Madhulika Mukherjee co-founder of Delightree.


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