Facebook – Jio Deal makes small Biz owners to use whastapp for Business

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Facebook – jio Deal makes WhatsApp Business app a new place to connect small business owners and customers

Facebook, almost all the faces in this world are familiar to this always trending application. Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of this ever superior social media network. Facebook acquired all the rights of Instagram and Whatsapp from its founders and is now ruling the social media. Jio which is gearing up to start the fastest 5G networks is planning to linkup with Whatsapp for ecommerce. The networking giant of India Jio and social networking king Facebook are now working in partnership to create wonders in the commerce area of the country.

Mukesh Ambani Managing Director of Jio announced that Jio would work in partnership with WhatsAPP and Zuckerberg expresses excitement about this proposal in the June quarter call of the company’s economy this Friday Morning and also states India is the biggest country in view of Facebook Community. Both the Chief Executives are highly interested in this deal as they could make it workout globally.Whatsapp being released in 2009 is a fully developed messaging as well as video calling app. It also allows files transfer, media sharing, payments etc., Reliance is always a step forward in expanding its business affairs so it is ready to hook-up with Whatsapp for making its business wider. There are almost 400million active users in the country so this would be an extraordinary proposal.

Reliance Jiomart has started a Whatsapp based online service for customers and allowing customers to place orders on Whatsapp. This would be beneficiary to many small scale businesses and industries. Recently Whatsapp announced that there are nearly 15million business accounts in the application this shows how rapidly the business is progressing. Whatsapp is a widely used messaging app in this modern era and it would very simplified way of commerce.Abhijith Bose executive head of Whatsapp India stated that we are ready to provide credit, insurance as well as loan facility to those who are lacking capital and encourage them to start their small and medium scale businesses.


Whatsapp is in an idea to launch its own platform of payment, WhatsappPay using UPI through which people can make transactions using this messaging platform and National Payments Corporation of India is going to develop this mode and it is in its testing phase. Zuckerberg also adds that if this alliance works out in India we would also love to expand it globally. This would be a greater opportunity for many small businesses worldwide. Facebook invested 5.7billion dollars and became one of its shareholders. This deal would help many of the upcoming start-up to rise up their commercial activities on Whatsapp in a very simple interface. This would make business easy and effective as everyone is familiar with the usage of Whatsapp.

Wiring up and getting thousands of Small businesses onboard is the main aim of this partnership. Jiomart enabled around 30million grocery stores across India to perform their business over the country using Whatsapp. Many farmers, students and other commercial traders are yet to be enrolled by Whatsapp for ecommerce.

Partnership of Whatsapp along with Jio would shower dollars on the networking as well as social media giants but this would help many small businesses and merchants to earn their bread and butter online. If this idea works out then they can advertise and transact globally.


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