Meet Balachandra Reddy -The Man Behind IoT Giant iCuboid


Meet Balachandra Reddy, one of the ‘Byte-Knights’ of a resurgent and increasingly digitized India. A young, ambitious and dynamic entrepreneur, Balachandra Reddy has, in a relatively short span of just over 13 years, managed to ideate, master, and apply some of the most transformational technological strategies in recent times.

An expert in information systems architecture, software design methodologies, and software design patterns, micro-services architecture, and object-oriented design, and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Balachandra an active member of since 2014 and remains an important contributor to the open source community.

Among the many feathers in his cap, he can now add another! Recently, SenseWire IOT solution, conceived and designed by Balachandra was released to the open source community under MTL license. SenseWire Internet of Things Platform is optimized to support ‘Software As a Service’ and ‘Platform As a Service’ to a spectrum of industries such as automobile, health management/care; fleet tracking; energy and utilities conservation.

That showcases Balachandra’s business philosophy since the SenseWire IOT solution was oriented towards and has greatly benefited a key economic segment, Small Scale Startups/ Industries.  Balachandra remains firm, and recent Government of India initiatives concur, that technological innovations and solutions are a key ingredient in the ability of small, independent firms to become the backbone of the emergent and vibrant economy that is India. Balachandra, therefore, remains committed to developing modules and platforms specifically geared to provide smaller businesses with cost-effective, yet cutting edge IT solutions.

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Keeping that vision in perspective, Balachandra founded iCuboid with two others just 2 other co-founders and 3 developers.  iCuboid started with ‘zero investment’ three years ago. Today, within a span of just three years, the iCuboid family has grown exponentially and is professionally run by12 Software Developers, 1 Business Development Manager, 1 Human Resources Manager and 1 Operations manager. The company has moved from strength to strength in a short span and is projected to achieve a turnover of $70,000 by the end of 2019-2020 financial year under Balachandra’s able and vital relationship.

His Achievements at iCuboid include being awarded with the opportunity of being involved with Microsoft BizSpark. He was responsible for preparing and applying for this sought-after program by other startups. With his technical expertise on Microsoft technology stack and startup business, he was instrumental in leading iCuboid to successfully qualify for this program and upon successful completion, they graduated from the program.

He was also instrumental in preparing for the rigorous selection process to enter the Startup India program for iCuboid which became successfully certified in 2017 under the category of digital internet of things and artificial technology. The Government through this initiative aims to empower startups to grow through innovation and design. iCuboid received numerous benefits such as easier patent filing, tax exemptions for investment into their company under form 27A, ease of setting-up of business, mentoring support and partnerships.

His role at iCuboid is leading and scaling the company through technology and AI led innovation, transforming every aspect of iCuboid’s stack into enterprise SaaS platform. I lead the landmark strategic partnership with startups to enterprises by providing creative solutions for the future growth for their businesses and defining architectural frameworks, patterns and practices across IoT and AI technical domains. I also develop proof of concepts for customer problems, showcasing to customers and converting them to potential projects.

A practical educationist at heart, Balachandra is not restricted to running merely iCuboid. He remains a committed and dynamic participant of ‘meet-up’ groups in India since October 2015. Balachandra is, in fact, presently an active organizer of three such groups- Cloud Agnostic Platform Building; Cloud Native Computing DevOps Implementation; and IoT Business Models for Monetizing Your IoT Product.

Balachandra strongly feels that a true teacher must first be the greatest student of his subject. With Balachandra ‘knowledge’ is never static and being the efficient student of time-management that he is, he remains still a contributing member to several entrepreneurial, AI and ML groups where he is known to passionately share his views, exchange knowledge and, for him, most importantly to learn from other group members.

Through organizing and hosting various debates/discussions and hands-on training sessions among community members in the domains of Native Cloud Computing, DevOps and IOT technology domains, Balachandra remains one of the emerging gurus to whom a lot of economic sectors have started to pay close attention.

“If you think that the internet has changed your life, think again. The IoT is about to change it all over again!”



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